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4038 Gränsfors økse vedligeholdelses kit
  • 4038 Gränsfors økse vedligeholdelses kit

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    Gränsfors’ Axe Care Kit contains everything you need to keep your axe well maintained. Taking good care of your axe and giving it a little extra attention will ensure that it lasts for many years to come.


    The Axe Care Kit contains a leather wax to protect and grease the sheath, a protective oil to rub on the handle and axe head, and a sharpening stone to grind and sharpen the axe’s edge.

    The oil* is made from raw linseed oil from Sweden. When rubbed on the handle, the oil creates a protective film and increases the lifespan of the handle. Linseed oil also works well to treat the axe head and prevent rust.


    The leather wax is also produced in Sweden and contains 100% natural ingredients. When treated with the leather wax, the axe sheath will last longer. The wax also makes the leather water resistant and softer.


    The ceramic sharpening stone is developed to best supply the needs of coarse and fine grinding of the axe edge. Keeping your axe sharp will make it both more enjoyable and safer to use.


    *Be sure to properly dispose of the rag you use for the oil as there is a risk of spontaneous combustion. Either burn the rag immediately after use or store submerged in water before discarding.

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